Discovering Stars Along the Blogway

There is a class of blog travelers who make it their business to discover corners of the blog world. Using a browser toolbar from, they stake a claim of “I discovered it first”. It’s all about uncovering and publicizing other blogs and articles, while potentially giving your blog more exposure. As with sites like BlogCatalog, you have an identity or profile and people can follow your exploits. So I gave it a try and stumbled upon and “discovered” 3 blogs so far and voted for others that were already staked! I’m not sure if the discovered sites know that they are in my ‘BPWebNews, StumbleUpon’ territory! I will continue to find and use this as a way to give you more views on blog traffic, advertising and general internet business tips.

Here’s a snapshot of what was discovered along the blogway in May, 2008: (the widget is courtesy of BlogCatalog which does a good job of tracking my actions). See the most current news in the live box on the sidebar – click on anything of interest! Travel to these and leave a comment on your thoughts:
Stumbled: kids computer games
Stumbled: Tutorial: Googlepages : Free File Hosting…
Stumbled: How To Get Things Done With iGoogle
Stumbled: 100 Sites Entrepreneurs Should Visit

Stumble Upon has a toolbar for Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers to easily stumble a site or post as you read it. However people who use AOL software directly (outside of the browsers) can not add the toolbar, so it’s best to add a button somewhere on your blog or website if you want to be discovered!

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  1. HI, and thanks for posting on my blog! I’m happy to hear that someone has decided the take the creative challenge.

    I must admit that I haven’t been to BlogCatalog in a while. I’ve signed up for so many things that I can’t keep up. I may need to stop by there. 🙂

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