Honey, I Blidgetized The Blog!

Want to shrink your blog into a widget that you can share with others and use as a table of contents on your blog itself? http://www.widgetbox.com/ lets you do that. Once you publish your blidget, readers can click the ‘get widget’ button to install yours on their blog, iGoogle, or social network. Before installing, they can customize color, size, etc. I decided to use my blidget as sort of a scrollable index of post titles — more user friendly than the archive.

Wikipedia definitions:

widget, a component of a graphical user interface (GUI)
with which a user interacts.”
blog is an abridgment of the term web log …. ”
blidget“, not yet defined, but you get the idea — it walks like a widget and talks like an RSS feed!

See how it works, try adding this one to your iGoogle to get the hang of it.

Then send me your blidget — we can start a miniature collection!

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