Is BlogRush Giving You The Bum Rush?

BlogRush is supposed to ‘syndicate’ your recent posts across the blogosphere, i.e. on blogs that contain their widget, generating new visitors interested in the post title. Andy Beard had good experience with increased and diverse traffic, giving it a thumbs up in his post‘Blogrush 7 critical mistakes’ with advice on using it wisely to build traffic.

BlogRush is free (not counting the large space the widget takes up on your blog, advertising their service) so I registered. If anyone joins from my widget I get credit for a referral, as well as credits each time the widget is displayed. Credits have no monetary value but are used to syndicate posts on other blogs. My posts got lots of exposure according to their stats, but no click-traffic to speak of. Seems I’m not the only one. I had trouble finding any recent reviews, but here’s what some others wrote about:

– Lee McIntyre did what I did, namely add the widget and continue business as usual. We both realizied later that when a post is syndicated you only see the title and ours were less than enticing! Read more of his research at ‘Why I’m no longer using blogrush’

– John Raul said that Blogrush brings no good traffic unfortunately’ and likes the idea but thinks visitors are leery about clicking widgets and prefer a link in the article itself.

Another person’s experience was :
30 posts, 20800 syndications and 15 clicks, over 16 wks. While mine is 15 posts, 2500 syndications, 7 clicks, over 3 weeks. Most of the exposure was for the first day (1600 with 5 readers!!!). Syndication steadily dropped.

Blogrush gives you an interest meter from ‘icy’, ‘so so’ to ‘hot’ and ‘flaming’. I created a post as a note to myself to review the website offering free ads, but published by mistake! Interestingly that post with a strange title was ‘flaming’ the minute it reached BlogRush even though there was only one reader. Says something about catchy and mysterious titles. I unpublished, and the meter went to brown but it still gets exposure.

What has your experience been with BlogRush?

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  1. What astounds me is that no matter what anyone writes about these days, you are more likely to have a heart attack then receive a comment. For as long as I have been on the web, I could never in my hardest effort receive free traffic with worth while readers or members. These days, unless your site promises money,sex,or some other form of incentive that shall reword the visitor, you get nothing.
    Very interesting article. And thanks for the visit to my site. 😛 Lol.

  2. I pretty agree with Timothy. There are topics to write that give better traffic. As for BlogRush… the hell I removed that widget on my blog, it didn’t bring any benefits. Thanks for visiting my site. If you need a serious hosting, reach me and through me you’ll get a discount at Top Hosting Center. My blog is running on their servers. 🙂

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