Is GoDaddy using your domain name for free?

So you purchase your domain name with the intent to finally build a website. Of course that was 6 months ago and you’re still looking for a (cheap but good) web designer!

Meanwhile if you registered with GoDaddy for example, they don’t let the cobwebs grow on your domain name — instead they put ads on a page that pops up if anyone keys your website name thinking surely you’re up and running by now! They proudly announce “This page is parked free, courtesy of GoDaddy .com

Don’t just sit there and let that happen… Instead you can make the registrar point your domain name to a page that you build, containing your announcement or projected launch date, i.e. your own ads. The catch is you need a place to put the page. Often your web designer can lend you a place to park your page until the full site is built or if you already have a web host then add the page there.

You can haveĀ  one built for your site until it launches. but remember the page is only seen when someone keys in the client’s www…… name before the site went live. The viewer thinks the page is the www…. site and never sees the full url (web page name) and has no idea it is parked on our Web Design site. There are no links to other pages and the design is different from the fully launched site to add an element of surprise. You can also have a contact form for visitor to send a note or get on a mailing list. After implementation the name points to the real home page.

Keep this idea in mind when things don’t go as planned — redirect your domain name to a temporary page until the site is fully developed and operational.

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