Tips:Greening your home office

HOW CAN YOU CONSERVE PAPER, etc? Here are several tips for saving paper and printer ink. Simple but effective.
Ink jet printers.
If you leave the printer off/idle for a couple of weeks, the tubes that feed the nozzles can dry. As a result, the clog causes streaks and poor picture quality. So to avoid clogs, print something (a test page) at least once a week. Or, turn your printer on and off daily since some software programs go through a maintenance routine at start up.

Ignore the initial warning messages that your ink is low! Just have a replacement on hand, monitor print quality and be ready to change the ink only when necessary or if printing a long or important document.

Faxing documents.
Most fax machines print a confirmation/error log after the last page is sent. You can save paper and keep the confirmation handy by printing it on the back of the first faxed page — place that page on top of your blank sheets so that printing occurs on the flip side (usually face up). Test it first!

Printing many pages.
Have a multi page document to print? Avoid bulky copies and save paper by printing odd pages first then inserting proper page on top of blank paper feeder to print the even pages on the flip side. e.g. print page 2 on the back of page 1. Test it first!

Just don’t print! Why not skip printing and save your copy as a PDF file that you can call up anytime you want to refer to the copy? There are free pdf creator programs. Once installed they set up a printer option that goes directly to a new pdf document which you can save in your desktop (sub)folder. I use the one you can download at

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