Fearful of What Blog is Behind Door #1 on Blogger?

Ever click on ‘next blog’ at the top of the Blogger bar and get more than you bargained for? Sure the buttons are useful when you want to quickly add a post and visitors may find the search button useful. However, click ‘next blog’, and not only does your blog disappear, but visitors may be taken to a blog written in a different language or one with adult content. So why not hide that annoying navigation bar and provide the search button elsewhere on the page!

This works to hide the Blogger bar:
Go to the Layout and Edit HTML (Template), find the ‘/* Variable definitions’ line and insert this text ABOVE the line as shown:

#navbar-iframe {display: none !important;}
/* Variable definitions

To add the search my blog feature, I used the code in a post by David Chin:
Go to Layout, Add New Page Element for HTML/Java. Paste these lines into the new element.
If you make no changes, the value keyword names the button ‘Search’. You can change it to “Go” or anything else you want.
<form action=”/search” method=”get”>
<name=”q” type=”text”>
<value=”Search” type=”submit”>

Save the element and then drag it to the spot you want (in the sidebar or at the top of posts).

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  1. David, I used the link and revised the text to show the html tags in this ‘tutorial post.’ Thanks. FYI the link lets you key the raw code and press a button. You then get the tutorial version of the code… cool.

  2. I never really paid attention to the blogger bar, just used to digit what I wanted to search and that was enough.

    But now I’m trying to make my own blog, so I spent a few more seconds looking to the blogger bar when I changed my template – and noticed the ”Next Blog” button. I want to make a blog about music, so I thought ”Coool!!! Maybe I’ll find another music blog!!!” and clicked.

    The entire page loaded very fast and suddenly I was looking at a LOT of explicit adult content photos!!!
    My mom was near, so I closed the window quickly, before she saw that and start thinking I was searching for adult content while navigating XD XD XD And never clicked that button again!!! Who knows what’ll come next??

  3. @Lucy, that’s a great real life example for getting rid of the Blogger navigation bar! Thanks for sharing!

  4. loved the easy and simple explination for a new blogger like me! thats a cool way to personalize your page from turning out to be just another blogger similar layout blog!
    thanks a lot! will surely implement it and as always BWS has shown the right way!

  5. @Pulkit – great you are able to use this — let’s just clear up that small identity problem: this is BPwebnews not BWS(the team blog). I thought I was the only one mixing them up…

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