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It’s hard to improve upon perfection… The post by Robert Stevenson says it all about why I like BlogCatalog.You may have noticed our blog has carried the BlogCatalog widget for some time, but no post about what how it affects traffic. Before I give you the research, let me say I found Robert’s article by participating in a discussion at BlogCatalog and then visiting his blog.

The conversation starter was ‘link to your last post’, an invitation to add a comment with the link to your post. Discussions are associated with a group and this one is called ‘shameless blog promotion’. Of course I listed my last post and got a visit! There are tons of discussions per group and tons of groups. I even started a topic but like so many it got lost as newer topics and replies go to the head of the list.
Read the post here The absolute, hands down, without question best social network in the blogospherewritten by Robert Stevenson

BlogCatalog Research summary:

  1. set up account 4/28/08. asked to add the BlogCatalog widget as proof of blog ownership— linking back to Blog Catalog is required
  2. received rejection notice 4/29/08 – told blog was too new, not enough content.[why didn’t they warn me of this before submission?] Good thing I have tough skin. Not discouraged, I used the catalog to see how it works and revved up my postings. Seems this is not an uncommon thing and other bloggers have written bitterly about same. Especially when you may see some blogs cataloged with questionable content or baiting ads.
  3. resubmitted and received approval a week later. Within a couple of weeks, visitor traffic has passed what the blog was getting with MyBlogLog (discontinued in 2011). More bloggers tend to make a real visit to your blog. Friends are not added lightly and there is more interaction, mainly fueled by the discussions.

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  1. Hi!
    Just wanted to know that my avatar doesn’t show up when i visit blogs with blogcatalog recent visitors widget.
    What could be the possible reason?

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