Learn How to Change Widget Fonts and Colors

Well, you can change them if they let you! A visitor, referring to our post on installing a recent comments widget,said

But I don’t see how to change font colors?

Unlike some widgets, this one from BloggerBuster inherits the fonts and colors already specified in your template for the sidebar. There is no box around the widget, so no need to adjust the width. It just fills the available text space! The height depends on the number of comments you display. Here’s part of the code the online generator provides. This excerpt shows the variables you can change after installation — to avoid regenerating the code and to blend the widget with your blog’s design.

var a_rc=8; Show 8 comments, you can try different values.
var m_rc=true; Show the date of the comment (we changed to false).
var n_rc=true; Show the title of the post, can change to false to omit.
var o_rc=100; Shows 100 characters of the actual comment.

Other widgets may allow you to override the box width, height and/or colors. Even after you install you can adjust to better fit your blog’s layout. Few of the scripts document the variables but you can tell which is which! Just be careful (save the original code). Think of it as learning another language. Here are the variables for BlogCatalog’s recent visitors widget:

width This is the width in pixels, try adjusting it up or down.
rows Number of rows, columns will fit the width spac.
bgcolor Background color (use PageTutor’s colorpicker or Firefox’s eyedropper )
Border color
lcolor Link color
hcolor Header color (text)

Hope you can use these concepts to talk to other widgets! Let us know how you do.

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