My Recent Comments Widget Disappeared Without a Trace.

After working for a couple of weeks, my perfect ‘recent comments’ widget from Hackosphere/Beautiful Beta shriveled up, gone without a trace! There was no buzz about any problems.

Either no one else is using this or they haven’t noticed yet.

Searching frantically for a replacement, I found Blogger’s own version for comments feed. There are a few drawbacks: a limit of 5 comments; the commenter’s name shown last, no control over the amount of text shown. The main advantage is that it is harder to kidnap! The ‘hack’ widgets rely on other servers to hold the necessary scripts. This exposes your blog to the effects of their server overload, maintenance or outright cancellation of accounts.

If you want the safety of Blogger’s solution, then look at the DevilBlogger for detailed instructions. Here’s the page element and it’s preview ability — one plus at least!

Looking further I found this widget which I liked even less. You can control the number of comments but not much else. Who wants to see only the commenter’s name. It uses an online script generator to let you customize the items displayed. Try it maybe I did something wrong.

Also tried one by BloggerBuster, found at this page . After installing there was an error that the host,, was unavailable. Checking my source, I found at the bottom of all comments a note that the post had been removed by the author.(The date of July ’07 should have been a clue.)

Giving up (not really), I found BloggerBuster’s newer script which may work better with the New Blogger feed and gives more control over the formatting.

You can omit the post titles and show fewer characters of the actual comment. And the name appears first — what more can a blogger ask for?

So I selected the BloggerBuster solution, the best of both worlds – stability and flexibility!

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  1. Hey, the one you choose is really the best one in format!!!
    But I don’t see how to change font colors? And it didn’tn work in my test blog. Anyways, maybe I don’t really need a Recent Comments widget – music blogs like mine never really get much comments. People just get the mp3 and go away. That’s why chatboxes or shoutboxes are needed – it’s a good way to incentivate people to leave a comment… XD

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