Oops, There’s No undo Icon! Now What?

A platform like Blogger provides ready-to-use templates, and good editing tools for creating your posts. But you can make a simple mistake while editing and end up wasting time backtracking. You type in a long change or highlight the wrong sentence, accidentally backspace and it disappears!

Normally you could click an icon in the editor or use your browser’s tool bar, selecting the “undo’ edit feature. But neither option is available when you’re editing a Blogger post!

We’ve already talked about Ctrl + F, which is a handy shortcut for finding and tweaking CSS or Html code in your template. Now learn to use “Ctrl + Z” and you’re in control, not only in Blogger, but in most Windows editing situations. Just hold down the Ctrl key in the lower left side of the keyboard and press Z to undo the last mistake you made. Can be repeated to reverse the previous most recent typing. Believe me you’ll feel great when you magically recover that painstakingly uploaded and sized image that disappeared after backspacing — don’t tell me you haven’t done it.

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