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This page contains our table of contents, showing post permalinks, the date and labels (category names.) There is a short preview of each post when you hover the cursor over the title. Titles are in alphabetical order, but you can click on the date column header to sort in ascending or descending order. Click on a specific label (not the column header) to display only the posts tagged with that label. To go back to the full list, just refresh the page.
When this post migrates off the home page visitors can use the menu or sidebar link to see the contents.


Refer to a separate ‘how to post’ to create your own TOC. If you found this one useful, leave us a comment or better yet, subscribe by RSS or email!

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  1. Your table of contents is a work of art. I love it and I want one but this isn’t a blog so I guess I’m out of luck, unless I intend to code one and that’s not very appealing. lol 😛

  2. @Timethief – I found the basic widget at, Hans is the genius behind the code. I styled for my blog and changed from showing it as a toggle above every page to this setup where it’s a separate post with all items shown. I’m very happy that there are such technical and creative people out there. I’m still looking for my notes on the post that led me to the widget, so I can detail the steps that I took —- (think I lost something on my iGoogle home page! (lol)

  3. I would love to have a TOC like yours, but I am not a technical person. If there is a step-by-step instruction on how to to it, it would be a great gift for bloggers like me! I read Han’s instruction, but I got lost.

  4. @Mai Tram – Your lucky day — I found my notes (Laugh). I’d be happy to give a step-by-step now that I know someone is interested! So standby your RSS feed and I’ll give the shout soon!!

  5. Oh Yeh! I was so glad to read your response! I will check your blog often. I am sure many will be interested and appreciate it!

  6. @Mai tram – you may want to update your blogger profile to show your blog url and or a way to contact you. Again stay tuned, I’ll get to this very soon.

  7. i use commentluv with js-kit same like you, but everytime I had a new comment it didn't show up in my recent comment widget. Can you tell me why? because I am using widget recent comment like yours. Best Regards.

  8. You may need to send email to but last time they had me reauthenticate at a link they gave me. Are you on the latest release and do you log in by url or by a user id/password? may need to create an id to avoid this. but check with them…

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and I'm glad you liked my post on How to Create a Horizontal Navigation Bar.  If you want to use it, I don't mind.  Just add my blog link somewhere on the directions   🙂 I really appreciate your comment.  Made my day!  Have a nice evening

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