Quick Tip: Hide Blogger Archive and Label Counts

Everyone likes to remove clutter, as long as it’s quick and easy, and preferably done by someone else. Well, you can’t have the closet organizers come in for your blog! This tip lets you remove the post counts from your blog’s archive and labels. The result is a cleaner look. Hiding counts also works for new a blog with low post counts or the blogger who takes time a few weeks off in August!

I found two posts that make it easy to clean up those widgets, and this tip should make it quick! I’ve combined the steps and pointed out any pitfalls.

To make your counts disappear in Blogger, go to Layout, select Edit HTML and save a backup copy of your template. Then check the “expand widget templates” box. You can then do either or both of the cleanups below. Use the Ctrl + F keys to search for anchor code. Remember to preview before you save any changes.


  1. Find type=BlogArchive
  2. Page down to find the FIRST instance of the ‘ul‘ tag within that widget
    (pitfall: there are several such tags in this widget) *** see Update below
  3. You’ll see data:i.post-count/ Delete that tag.
  4. I added a comment to remind me and to make it easier to reverse (optional)
    <!– 9/3/08 removed: (<data:i.post-count/>) –>


  1. While you have the HTML window open, Find the widget in question:
    <b:widget id=’Label1′ locked=’false’ title=’Labels‘ type=’Label’>

    (* see note)
  2. Scroll down to this tag and delete it (not all templates have the span tags)
    <span dir=’ltr‘>(<data:label.count/>)</span>
  3. add a comment (optional)
    <!– 9/3/08 removed count <span dir=’ltr‘>(<data:label.count/>)</span> –>

Preview the template, then save it. You’re good to go.

Note: Not all tutorials consider the difference in your original template and what changes you may have made with Blogger Editing. * In your template, the word in red could be Categories instead of Labels. It’s whatever you named the list when you added it as a page element. The type is always ‘label’ so as not to confuse Blogger.

Update: The tutorial directs you to the first occurrence of the ‘ul‘ tag within that widget, but I later found you should apply the change to all 3. There are 3 ways of showing your archive: hierarchy, flat list and dropdown menu. When I moved to a flat list type to save space, the counts reappeared! So you might as well turn them all off at the same time.

References:[photo: by Stewf ]
For more detail, see Archive Count and Label Count

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