QuickTip: Remove Your Visits From Statistics Count

It’s easy for a new blogger to forget that Google Analytics and other popular traffic monitors will record every visit, including your own. That is unless you specifically state “count me out!”

You need to make that clear when you first install the tracking code. If you forget, you’ll be shocked to see so many page loads for your very first post. Then shocked again to realize it was just you finding those spelling errors, re-reading that great content, or going back twenty times to see if you have any avatars in your recent reader widget! This tip shows how to remove your sites from three of the more popular traffic monitors.

What is your IP address
IP stands for Internet Protocol and this is how statisics programs ‘know who you are’. The IP is a unique number associated with your computer’s connection that looks like ‘’ (four sets of numbers with periods in between). I use What is my IP address and save it on my iGoogle homepage for easy reference. You can even install a gadget to do the same thing.

Where is the feature to remove my visits?
The problem is finding which button to push in the statistics dashboard to remove your visits — you need to do that for each computer you use. Some programs may use cookies and require action for each browser. If you have started logging your visits, they will continue to show in your statistics. Removal only works going forward. Just make a note so you take that into account as you review historical trends.

For each program, first log into your account, select the project or feed you want to change, then do the following for each:

  • Google Analytics
    Go to ‘Analytic Settings’, then click ‘Filter Manager’ in the lower right hand corner. Then ‘add filter’ where you must key the IP(s) to exclude.
  • Feedburner
    From the ‘Analyze’ tab, click the ‘feedburner pro’ button on bottom left. Then ‘for my site traffic’, check the box next to “Exclude visits from this computer.” You don’t have to key your IP, but you must go through this step for each computer you use.
  • StatCounter
    Press the ‘blocking cookie’ link to set IP exclusion for all of your projects. You can also do this for individual projects with the customize icon (wrench). Find the blocking link in the left-hand bar and follow the instructions to turn blocking on or off.

This tip is basic, but can save some time and headaches trying to find the right button. Many programs are so feature rich and tab heavy with decidedly unhelpful ‘help’ screens, that you end up pulling your hair out. Forget about an intuitive interface approach and rely on your notes and bookmarks! What do you have to add? How about Sitemeter — do you use it?

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References: [photo by Inkyhack]

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  1. If you’re a notebook user and use a different connection (I have 2 type of connection), which results me to have 2 IP, so exclude your IP where you usually online.

    Because we need a correct graph to analyze our blog/website. There are many program out there which analyze traffic, so choose wisely.

  2. I found out that Google Analytic may not accurately record your statistic. I wrote some other alternative at my blog.

  3. WordPress is sweet with this kind of thing. Has a beautiful stats interface, and doesn’t count your own visits while your signed in.

    However, the main problem is the lack of an unique visitors counter. On certain days, there would be hundreds of views, but only a handful of people actually visiting my blog.

  4. @Rebelmaker – You should at least look at your feedburner stats and try GoogleAnalytics at some point. I noticed you have the feedburner reader count but you may want to spell it out that readers should subscribe using this button or put in a text link “more rebellious posts here” or something!(click would take them to feedburner sign up). Send me a shoutout if you need help.

  5. Blogpatrol provides easy way to sort out your ip too. Just click ‘ban my ip’, ^^ and they will exclude your current ip.

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