Rerouted FeedJit Live Traffic Feed

Feedjit provides a widget you can add to your blog to display incoming traffic. I originally had this live traffic feed in the sidebar, and tried to replace it with a link to a post containing the script (see update below). The widget does take up valuable space if shown on the sidebar (the height can not be customized.) Many bloggers use such space for ads or to push content.

Although Feedjit loads very quickly, there is the potential of a slowdown or complete freeze — like most java script widgets, it’s hosted remotely and can fall prey to busy periods or other down time. Any increase in your page’s load time could mean a loss of first-time visitors, who may be impatient to begin with.

I find the widget is fun and very useful for getting a quick update on most recent traffic and has the advantage of showing people who are not in any of the other social network widgets. The data for visitors who arrived via a search shows the exact term used. The live feed probably does not interest most visitors. Some may feel it invades their privacy by showing the location and which site they came from. Although there is no personally identifiable data.

One blog lists this widget as one of the five that “look ugly on your blog.” It’s really a matter of personal taste. My goal was to streamline the sidebar.

Update: Moving the widget into a regular post did not work, since it only registers if the person visits that page — “Duh!” So I improvised by shoving it into a scroll box at the bottom of the side bar. I made the background white, the size 215 wide and 75 high to accommodate the live feed data using just a vertical scroll. For your own Feedjit peek-a-boo, read how to create a scroll box, but use my settings as a starting point! That way you too can still take a peek at the live data whenever you want to. You can always scroll to end of box and click ‘watch in real time’ to open a separate window for full viewing.


  1. Back then I used to have this widget. But I took it off as I feel that this seems to slow down my pageload significantly.

  2. @Ravon – I agree you must take action if you suspect a script or feed could cost you readers! Sometimes it’s the placement (after other scripts, in the left sidebar, at top of the page) which makes it more noticable. Thanks for your input.

  3. I love the feedjit widget, and have it on all my blogs and a few of my websites. It never occurred to me that it might load slow on other’s browsers, because everything loads so quickly on mine.
    I will still keep it on, but I do wish they had one that is in more of a banner shape so that you could hide it way at the bottom of the page.
    But hey, it’s a free, really great traffic monitor, so I’m not gonna complain about it too much! I check on all of mine constantly. I think I’ve become addicted to it! 🙂

  4. @Fitness Diva – then we’re both big fans! I updated the post to refer to the site where you can create a small scroll box (see the one in my sidebar, at the bottom) and in effect make your own ‘banner shape’ — sort of. But it does free up space and make for less clutter. Let me know how it works. And thanks for the visit!

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