Screenshots of Your Design with Google’s Chrome Browser

Be sure to read the NY Times article which gives a great overview of Chrome, the Windows browser that Google just released. Many people have already installed it for a test run. Some bloggers are reporting serious security and usability problems (see Timethief”s post for details). I’m very happy with Firefox, so I’ll wait until things quiet down. But I was curious about Browser Shots, the online software that generates screenshots of your blog in different browsers.

To my surprise, the Chrome 0.2 browser is listed as an option. I made a request but was given a time estimate of 25 minutes. This may be when it helps to have a paid subscription to get priority. You can extend your request as proof that you’re paying attention, so I added time after about 20 minutes. If your request expires before you add time, it’s back to the end of the line. I suspect some servers may crash today.

The screenshot was returned in 30 minutes and looked fine from a visual point of view. So for those of you not ready to install the browser just yet, then go for the small comfort of knowing your page should appear for readers who are on the leading edge.

Just taking a news break…


  1. I love this blog design. The downside of relying on rss subscriptions is you don’t get to witness changes like this so I’m gald I visited in person. I really dropped in to thank you for the link love. I appreciate it. I have tested Chrome and so has Richard my guest blogger on onecoolsite. I expect he will publish his “report” on it tomorrow.

  2. @Timethief – I was wondering if anyone noticed, now I know they just see the typewriter background in RSS feeds (lol). Thank you for the compliment. There’ll be more to see in the coming weeks. Please stop by again.

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