Where did Blogger File That Adsense Code?

Like many of you I like the idea of Blogger making it easy to publish Google Adsense in your blog. Months ago I added some ‘tasteful’ ad strips (in the sidebar, at the end of each page and between posts). I didn’t give it another thought, until a fellow blogger pointed out the ads between posts did not blend in with the new design colors.

Conventional wisdom states and many bloggers agree blended ads are more productive.

People surfing the web become ‘Ad Blind’…that is, they learn how to glance at a web page and pick out the content they are looking for, and how to ignore the ads. the better blended your ads are into your page, the less likely they are to ignore it.

The code in the sidebar and at the end of each page was easy to find — page elements on the Layout tab. But my search for the code between posts proved very elusive. As I suspected, it was not in the template, nor hidden among the Settings options. Naturally, Blogger Help held no clues!

It took a little reverse engineering with Google Search to find the missing code. The article I found at Blogger Tricks on putting adsense inside blog posts was a life saver! Reading the article I discovered the adsense code is in a little used (rarely edited) Blogger element: “Blog Post.” Look closely and you’ll see the edit icon. Who knew? Also this is the only way to generate ads between posts in Blogger without going into the template.


The Blog Post element has lots of other goodies that let you control settings here instead of paging through the Settings tabs: e.g. # of posts on main page, date and time format, show quick edit or email post links.

Hope this post saves you some time when you have to rummage through the Blogger files to adjust your Google Adsense ads.

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