Blogging With Success – A Team Blog

Be sure to check out this new blog called, Blogging With Success! Yours truly is one of the contributors for this team effort. I’m excited about this venture. This experience will show me a different side of blogging. Just the team dynamics and hurdles of communicating across time zones is enough to keep up the adrenaline!

The blog is aimed at new and developing bloggers. To quote from the Announcement: “There is no shortcut to success! But we will show you the best path to take. As a team we cover the key areas you need to know about.”

Be sure to try out the toolbar and if you’re excited as I am about this challenge, then sign up for the RSS feed to receive each new post. Get in on the ground floor and watch it go up! You won’t be disappointed, since you can help shape the content.

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  1. @Hamdani – I noticed you dropped by the new blog and left a comment — thanks!

    @Scott – Let me know what you think. We’d love to have you in the community.

  2. @Nicely – Glad you found something useful! I’ll be posting again soon — busy with the team blog and taking a few days off. I’m open to requests!!!

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