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Recently Timethief, author of One Cool Site, gave me the chance to guest post on her blog. The post is called ‘Synergy- the human side of blogging.’ For new bloggers, a guest post like this is a milestone, an honor just to be asked. For me, this experience was rewarding on many levels. It was the first time I wrote extensively about a subject that was more generic than technical. The call to action involved readers taking the analysis and making it personal. It was the first time one of my posts received so many reader comments and Stumble Upon reviews. It also generated backlinks. Of course the fact that it was on One Cool Site didn’t hurt!

I won’t repeat the post, but here are some of the SU reviews — an incentive for you to pop over there and read the article:

timethief– Explore your motives for blogging and learn something about yourself and your readers because, in essence, the blogger and the readers are co-creators.

simplyhealthy – Great thought provoking article on figuring the “why” out in your blogging to be a better & more fulfilled blogger.

thriftsromantic– By knowing why you blog, you empower yourself to find the right audience for you. Tips and tricks toward promotion, and understanding motivations.

womanistmusings – …This post really made me think about why I do the hard work that I do to maintain my blog and the best way to get my message across to others.

Please take a few minutes to read the post. You’ll find the reader comments are a perfect example of an open exchange! On the whole, I’d like my posts here to generate that type of interaction. Since I’m writing to help other bloggers, if there are comments, requests, shoutouts or backlinks I’m more motivated — I do enjoy posting but have other commitments. What do you think about this topic?

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  1. Your wrote a terrific post on an fascinating subject. As we move towards the semantic web we will come to know how very important appropriate tagging, building relationships, connections and communications will become. They are the cornerstones and that’s why it’s essential for us to examine why be blog, what motivates us, who we are writing for and to become mindful that bloggers and their readers are co-creators of blog contents.

    On a personal note I want to thank you so much for doing this for me. I am recovering but recovering from a moderate concussion takes months. Your friendship has helped me in a time of need and I won’t be forgetting that.

    Bests regards

  2. I am late here to leave my visual signature. Timethief has overtaken me.

    Thanks for the bright light you brought to our Blog on the eve of the Diwali Festivals.

    Your blog (plus guest post, and your support to the BC members) offer gr8 help to create a quality in whatever we do (not just blogging, tagging, digging, rather much more; i.e., we learn to be creative everywhere).
    Best wishes.
    Keep up.

  3. Well, it seem that although among the first ones to read you guest post, I am the last one to give your my comment.

    Thank for mentioning my StumbleUpon profile. I had read your post at one cool site blog and also leave a comment. My believe, opinion and line of thinking is similar to those whom you had mentioned in this post and over there.

    In conclusion, I blog because I have a responsibilities to fulfill to my readers.

  4. @Timethief – How could I not ‘help out’ at this time. You are supportive of so many bloggers, publicly and privately. We want to rally ’round. Just wish it were not under circumstances caused by your accident. Speedy recovery…

  5. @Hyderabadiz – Okay, no need to fight (LOL). I always think of you when I see a visually creative blog post. Your shoutouts are always encouraging. Thank you.

  6. @Hamdani Amin – I read your post where you provide an interesting take on Stumble Upon friends. Thanks for all of your comments. I’m glad you made it clear to your readers why you blog!

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