Quick Tip: Post While Browsing – Use BlogThis!

You’re browsing the internet and see a great topic for a blog post. You know if you bookmark it, you may not be able to find it again or you’ll forget what you wanted to say about the topic.

Then you remember you added a “BlogThis!” icon on your browser. Great, all you have to do is highlight some text, click the icon and magically an interface creates a post without going through the Blogger dashboard! The pop up window is filled in with the address of the web page and the highlighted text (images are not copied.)

You can add a few quick notes if you want, select which blog if you have more than one (use drop down menu on top right) and then press the orange “Publish post ” or the blue “Save as draft” button. It’s that simple.

You may have seen something similar while viewing a page in Digg, but be careful — there is no option to save as a draft! To add this tool, go to the Blogger help article for specifics instructions to fit your browser requirements. It’s very simple to use from your Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. For other browsers just drag the code in the help article to the link bar. The drag technique will not work for IE browsers.

P. S. If you’ve never used the browser link bar, read more in this lesson at Jegsworks which also covers the address bar for IE. In Firefox it’s referred to as the ‘bookmarks toolbar’.

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