Does Your Blog’s Favicon Stand Out From The Crowd

Favicons are a way to stand out from the crowd in your browser tab or on favorite links that feature your blog. I just installed one for BPWebNews — see it in the browser window!

This is the one I use for my web design site.

To display your very own icon , even with blogspot blogs, see this post on branding your blog.

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I’m anxious to see your new favicon. Drop a comment, will ya?


  1. I want to make my brand favicon too, but I don’t know what software or tools I can use to make it. Anyone help me? I try to search in google, but most of them are not usefull. Maybe you have a recommendation about it. Thanks

  2. @Busby Seo- If you have a picture you can crop it and use the online software recommended in the post at BloggingWithSuccess on branding:
    or download

    If you’re starting from scratch try downloading this free software : you just need two letters like BP then use Paint. You can also search for free icons. I use the Microsoft Image Composer for creating images and the online icon maker. Send me your email in contact form or on BC to discuss further.

  3. cool cool article! i’m gonna go and make one for myself.

    by the way, do you know how to sort topics in blogger? i feel uneasy with the increasing number of tags in my blog.

    and another one (just tell me if this is too much… err), i wanna showcase my best blog. like a sticky link in my side bar, can you help me with that?

    thanks so so much!

  4. @manÜ – Welcome. I recognize you from Blog Catalog discussion. Still getting me to do the work eh? I found this in my TOC: the post refers you to a site that explains the scroll box I use on the left sidebar "Posts by Category" — should do the trick for taming your tags in terms of real estate used. To consolidate them more use this post: Combining Blogger Labels into Categories –

    re: showcasing your best blog – not sure what you want, give me more info or a sample blog that has it in my BC shoutbox. You should be able to add an layout element with the text & links you want?

  5. What I actually meant with showcasing my best blog is to put a link of my best blog entries on the sidebar. Something like ‘my favorite articles’ from my own blog.

    thanks for the help. will implement your suggestions one of these days. i’m kinda busy lately.

  6. @manÜ – that’s easy, just create a text element in your sidebar with a title like ‘My Favorites’ or ‘don’t miss’. List post titles as regular text you select with a clickable http link. Make the text bullet style. Add color or small icons (favicon of your best blog!!!)

    The Best of (you best Blog)

    . Post 1
    . Post 2
    . Post 3… etc.

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