What Are Top Commentators Doing For Your Blog?

I just installed a nice top commentators widget for Blogger. This version let’s you screen out the blog owner’s name and those pesky ‘anonymous’ aliases. As usual there is a minor pitfall: when typing multiple exclusions don’t leave any spaces between the names and the comma which acts as a separator( e.g. ‘SBA,anonymous’) You can control the number of names on the list. The automatic tally of comments comes in handy when you run a blog contest which rewards the top commentator(s), increasing reader interaction.

When I first saw the name “commentator” I thought the usage was wrong. I had always referred to people leaving comments as ‘commenters’ — which is now obsolete according to Wiktionary. Here are some definitions for commentator which sort of put the pressure, raise the bar on commenting:

-one who gives a commentary ; especially : one who reports and discusses news on radio or television -[this is more my definition]

-observer: an expert who observes and comments on something
-a person who provides interpretation, analysis, or a discussion of the subject matter …

Apparently I’m not the only one confused as seen in this Blog Catalog discussion. Which word do you use? Don’t say ‘commentor’ since that’s not in the dicitionary!

Thanks Fransiska for being my top contributor so far — but watch out, now that it’s public, someone else may overtake you!

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  1. lolwut. Here’s another comment. xP

    I think putting up commentator widget shows that you do appreciate your blog commenters.

  2. great post! i definitely agree! had one before but ever since the integration of blogger commentluv, had to make some adjustments. m just working to find a way to make it work for both.

    nice blog. thanks for visiting mine. will be here often ^_^

  3. @techniqueal – I’m surprised there is a conflict with the two widget. Let us know when you do get it to work. Thanks.

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