Caret Browsing with Firefox

This post should help many of you who use Firefox and don’t know what caret browsing is. No, it’s not a diamond carat, but a text ‘cursor’ that points to a character on your monitor. The feature allows navigation without a mouse. The blinking cursor serves as the starting point to select text lines and navigate the page using arrow keys. This is how we’re used to moving around in a word processor. The PF7 key turns caret browsing on and off in Firefox.

So one day, I got tired of selecting part of a word with the mouse and having it highlight the entire word. Decided to try caret browsing and went my merry way. Then I noticed I could no longer use the PgUp and PgDn buttons to scroll through web pages. Well it seems there’s a long standing bug when you use caret mode. The only navigation that works with caret browsing are the arrow keys. No scrolling leaps.

The only solution is to turn off caret browsing when viewing pages. So toggle the PF7 key or use the Firefox menu: Tools – Options – Advanced – General –Accessibility then undo the check in the box called “Always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages.” However, you can still accidentally press the PF7 key to toggle it on again. So remember this tip until Firefox is fixed.

Have you run into this problem?

photo by dkpto


  1. Never try Caret Browsing before,
    and it is my 1st time to hear it…

    I can’t figure out even after reading the definition in wikipedia…

    So my answer is :
    “Never run into this problem”

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