Why Google Friends Don’t Connect

You may have noticed I installed the Google Friend widgets after seeing it on several blogs. Seemed like a good way for visitors to leave quick messages. Friends who join the community see their avatars with links to their favorite blogs, etc. I plan to delete the widgets but you can at least see the snapshots in this post.

What is it?
Google Friend Connectmeans more people engaging more deeply with your website — and with each other.” It’s supposed to attract more visitors. “Your users can easily invite friends from social networks and contact lists to visit and join your site.”

How is it different?
Mashable compares Facebook Connect to Google Friend Connect:

The key difference between the two services is the fact that Facebook is one social network, while Google Friend Connect is open to any site, service or social network that uses OpenID for identification. For example, with Google Friend Connect your visitors can log in using their Gmail credentials, meaning that they don’t really have to be a part of any (strictly defined) social network at all. Facebook Connect, on the other hand, is useless to anyone who’s not a Facebook user.

Who Connected with BPWebNews?

Well, I invited a few friends and one decided to put his face out there — thanks Daniel! But surprisingly a ‘stranger’ joined— Esmeralda.

Her ‘sites joined’ has over 20 links.
Apparently she is using the networking features. But anyone seeing my blog on her list might click the link and visit. She may have found me in the widget of a site I joined (listed in the install instructions as a sample use Go2web20 Blog. She now has over 2600 friends in her Connection.

Why I’m removing the widgets
Like Twitter, you need lots of online friends who want to keep in touch this way! Fortunately, I’m not there yet! I would have liked more interaction via the message board widget. I did leave a note during the holidays, but no response. Since a couple of people left comments and seem interested, I moved one widget to the bottom of the page — we’ll see.
UPDATE:- guess usage of this gadget on Blogger reached critical mass. So I restored the follow widget in the sidebar. 

Have you used these widgets? Leave a comment!
I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on this topic.

FYI for those who left comments on this post about the teenage millionaire ‘scam’: I published my research on my team blog: Contest Fraud, Beware It’s Real. Any additional comments can be left there. Thanks. SBA

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  1. My first time to hear this widget,
    but I won’t use widget on my site yet…

    It looks like blogcatalog or mybloglog, I won’t try it first. Like you said, gotta wait until some friends get connected.

  2. @Sayz – I sort of stumbled on it also! Not very popular yet on the blogs about ‘blogging.’ Thanks for stopping by.

  3. @SBA,

    sorry for not replying… because blogger doesn’t provide email subscription to comments.

    Btw, I’ve seen your review on Aditya
    specifically here :

    I don’t have any intention to scar his name as blogger,
    but it seems he is trying to trick people by holding a false contest. Because the winner is not a blogger or anything.


    Shvoong is a service for anyone to write review on site, just like web 2.0 (SU and Digg).

    He has been very active lately in bloggerforum which I fear that more people will fall into his trap.

    I would like to keep quiet, but after analyzing his blog, traffic, alexa rank. It is very impossible for him to hold a $1000 contest.

    I hope you will be more cautious whenever you join contest…

  4. Thanks for sharing your learning experience. I never new about this GC.
    Thanks also for the comment on the clone / geni and her ubiquitous collaborative mind–I stopped mentioning because I wasn’t sure about the exact DNA lines; (nor I have seen her palm–to visualize the point where the future of this extraordinary gene indicates her past behavior, kidding).
    Best wishes

  5. @Sayz – 1) there is a comment subscription (Atom) but hard to find in Blogger, at very end of the page before the last adsense ad.

    2) I’m glad you commented about the contest run by Aditya. It was my very first contest and I was a bit suspicious when the deadline was changed so he’d have time to deposit in his Paypal, but I chalked it up to ‘unorganized’. Then I invested lots of time writing the article and was sure I’d win — planned to use the money on the BWS team blog. Then he changed the rules after the contest closed! Then I knew something was amiss. I collected some circumstantial ‘evidence’and protested in the contest comments (never left moderation!). Another woman’s complaints had passed moderation. I will write a post about this shortly. Meanwhile added a note of warning to my review post. I figured I could get some traffic for all the effort I put into it — I sort of forced him not to delete the entire contest post with everyone’s links (after he had wiped out the original rules). Very discouraging for me and I owe it to others to tell the story and give him a chance to respond. So let me know what else you’ve gathered on this — there is nothing in Google about it being a false contest. On the surface he would have the money regardless of the blog ranking since he reputedly has lots of income!

  6. Well, it is all clear based on the winner of the contest… If you look into the winner which is http://www.shvoong.com , it is not a people at all…

    I can say that he create an account on that site and write an article about the contest.

    He said that the site PR is 7, of course it is…
    Because it is a place for ANYONE to submit their review, so why would he choose a winner who submit article on that site.

    He said that was the best review, I think your post is better than that one, and the writing is just like his writing.

    Deuh, I wouldn’t want to say more about this… Just be more cautious next time…

  7. Sorry guys Back to the Google Friend Connect I think you Have to Explain GFC to your Readers in order for to get them to engage in with your Site but the Problem is Bloggers must make Fresh Content so if you Did explain you Would have to make the Post Sticky because you cant tell your Readers Every Day to Engage with your Site. So how do you Explain Google Friendconnect to your Readers so that they Engage your Site

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  8. Hello Chris. I guess I need to update this post to say I've restored my GFC gadget! I use it often to follow other sites. Thanks for following this blog — I noticed you don't have a gadget on your Blogging & Internet site, hence your question? I suggest you write one post explaining GFC, give it a very early date and publish it (will not appear on homepage). Then add your gadget with a note below it linking to the explanation.

    Another way is to put a note at the bottom of each new post saying you're building up your google friends following, tell them to follow you and point to the explanation. Make this a post template. "A quick note about post templates: use this feature to pre-format each new post with the same information. I've been using the spider avatar and pointing to some posts I think you'd like to read. This avoids typing each time. I can always change or delete anything."

    Recent blog:=- How to Show Blogger Table of Contents by Label Name

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