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CommentLuv is a plugin/gadget that displays the title and link to commentators’ last blog post. This generous sharing of reader clicks is considered a valuable ‘thank you’ for visitor comments. I finally got around to adding this feature using their Blogger integration tool. It was quite easy, as long as you remember to go back in and visit the ‘claim your site’ page after adding the icon.

Image representing JS-Kit as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase

I was surprised that you also must use the JS-Kit for comments. But it turns out this is a feature rich comment system. It actually takes over your comments on a separate database, but synchronizes a backup version just in case you want to uninstall and go back to Blogger comments. I like the reply option and the use of avatars. It even has an Askimet spam control option.

Give it a try by leaving a comment on this post — let me know whether you use the WordPress or Blogger CommentLuv and your experience! This will serve as a test also to see if everything is working. Thanks.


Also I’ve installed the Zemanta tool bar on my browser. It integrates with the dashboard for adding photos to blog posts. Images are Creative Commons license or free to share. Read more on BWS.


  1. I think you still need to install the commentluv code too. there’s a link you must click on the commentluv site to see the code to add.
    I will try to make a widget so it makes it easier to add to the blog after you have installed js-kit

  2. Andy, thanks for the visit. I felt something was wrong. Based on your comment, I added the java code below the icon gadget but still not working — maybe because I had already installed JS?

  3. I’ve tried using commentluv on my blospot blog before but during such time, too much bugs needed some fixing so I end up removing it. Though, I’ve tried installing it back as a plugin when I switch to WordPress a few weeks back and it worked just fine.

  4. SC Admin, thanks for your comment. Many ‘plugins’ seem to fit into the WP box better than Blogger — always a struggle… lol But often worth it…

  5. Unfortunately I have not been getting notices for new comments (I just discovered some new ones on the blog!) and my recent comments widget is not picking up anything new — that was always where I looked first! Help. I sent comment to JS-Kit but haven’t heard back in couple of days.

  6. Sorry I’m late in replying (did not see notice that comments were added until now!) I added JS-kit and comment luv together. apparently the next reader Kristi added it first.

  7. Hey I added the comment luv plugin to my wordpress blog. It seems to have installed ok but it isnt showing the latest posts of someone who leaves a comment.

  8. I tried to leave a comment on your post but miskeyed my url ( 🙁 ) so naturally there was an error.
    Then I tried to add another comment but your plugin seems to count all comments as one:
    <ol id="commentlist">
    <li id="comment-55"><cite>Comment by Small Laptops — June 26, 2009 @ 3:17 pm</cite>

    <span>Its obvious the abuse that <span><input name="IL_MARKER" type="hidden"/>Michael Jackson</span> suffered as a child at the hands of his father was the root cause of his problems and issues.</span>
    <li id="comment-56"><cite>Comment by SBA — June 27, 2009 @ 1:23 am</cite>

    I like your summary and agree the focus should be on his musical and entertainment contributions. Even it the media does otherwise, the vast majority of the world will always remember the music.

    ** notice the comment count is one!
    Then I tried to change my information but that link did not work.

    I suggest you contact the folks at commentluv —

  9. Thanks for your help SBA. I think the problem may be with the theme
    more than anything, I have been having a few problems with this theme
    not behaving correctly. It wasn't a wordpress approved theme and not
    really getting any response from the designers of the theme with
    regards to other issues I have been having.
    Still waiting to hear from commentluv people but again many thanks for
    your help.
    Quoting " Comments"

  10. You should use your own test blog — mine is not for random testing…If you need help, see my post on setting up a test blog.

  11. Yes it's a good tool. Unfortunately any new downloads of CommentLuv to Blogger with JS-Kit (Echo) is no longer possible — they stopped support. I visited your site. Guess I need to brush up on my Spanish! Gracias.

  12. I forgot to login to js-kit. I see the 'latest post' from commentluv is not showing up… So support is gone I guess…

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