How to use the Blogger Blog List

About eight months ago I wrote a post, “Do you really want to showcase a blogroll?” Having recently started blogging I questioned “the ‘honor roll’ aspect and the inherent tendency to mushroom. Link maintenance and wrestling with who to blogroll can consume your time. If you’re on their list, do you have to add them to yours? If you add them to your roll, are you expecting the same ‘courtesy’?” Also there is the negative SEO aspect of linking to ‘dissimilar’ blogs. Many of your friends can be in a completely different niche.

Well, I’ve matured a bit as a blogger and started my own ‘Blog List’ using the Blogger widget. Ravon, the young blogger who had 19 honorees and prompted my post last June, said

“And like i said, the blogs will always be on my blogroll as long as i am interested in them and frequent them. Your blog will always be on my roll, unless your decided to quit blogging.”

Yes, I’m still on his blogroll! (not that I was checking) His is a different niche but I’ve added his blog to my list — a nice place to take a break from blogging lessons!

Here’ how to add your blogroll:
1. Go to Blogger Layout
2. Press Page Elements tab, press Add a Gadget in your sidebar, select “Blog List”
3. Press Add and type in the url of the blog you want to display.
4. Select the aspects which you want with a checkmark; can always change later. Basically you this is like an RSS feed, showing only the last post information.

– The icon is the favicon associated with the blog (if you don’t want the ugly orange Blogger icon, read my tutorial on making your own)
– snippet is an excerpt of the first paragraph of the latest post
– thumbnail is a very small image of the post’s image — I’d leave this unchecked.
5. Then move (drag and drop) the gadget to the spot you want on the sidebar.

That’s it. Try different options until you’re satisfied.

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  1. I use this gadget from blogger to show some new post from link exchange partners or from my other blogs, I use this one as an alternate for RSS.

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