Create Your Custom Signature Online in 10 minutes.

Recently, I came across an online resource called MyLiveSignature. The site lets you generate a signature image using your name. It’s free and has several script font styles. I used my initials and was able to adjust the size, color and slant. You can hot link to the image on their server or download it to your PC. Of course, once on the PC you can upload as a Blogger or WordPress image. You can create multiple signatures, and have a signature over a short line with your website or blog address. Used on your emails, that type of signature can promote and brand your blog. This is one variation I created:

A quick note about post templates: You can use this Blogger feature to pre-format each new post with the same information. I’ve been using the spider avatar and pointing to some posts I think you’d like to read. This avoids typing each time. I can always change or delete anything.

In this example from Blogger help, “the user links to an article on the first line, then quotes it.” This is where you could put your signature image.

Just go to Blogger Settings, Formatting and find the “Post Template” section. Add your pre-formatted text or links here. Links and image references must be in html.

(trick: create a draft post with the information you want, then view the html so you can copy and paste into the post template!)

I took my custom html code from the MyLiveSignature site and put it in my post template. So, I can now sign ‘SBA” every time. Try it!

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  1. Hi Stefani, I tried to find your blogs from the Blogger profile, but unsuccessful. This is why I don't like Blogger's commenting system. Can you leave a comment with the ids so I can take a look?
    The mommyenterprises one seems to be a directory(?)

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