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Personally, I find these links most useful for maintaining BPWebNews. Putting the links on this page makes it easier to revisit! I updated the menu bar to link to this page. I list only the ones which I’ve personally used at one time or another.

BPWebNews Tool Box

I hope you use my favorites and sample some on these comprehensive lists:

  • Blogging With Success – “101.5 Free Tools and Services for Bloggers
    covers major areas of Advertising, Comments, Contacts, Content, Design, Feeds, Html, Images, Monetization, Offline Editors, SEO, and Stats.
  • One Cool Site – “Resources
    covering Polls, Surveys, Tools, Browsers, Color, CSS, Html, Images, and Stat programs,

What’s in my toolbox?

  1. Images
    • Zemanta – I used Zemanta’s tool bar on my browser. The tools integrate with the Blogger (or WordPress) Editor for adding photos to posts. Images are Creative Commons license or free to share. Zemanta adds attrition along with the image. I also use it for my Gmail images!
    • Flickr – My favorite source for Creative common images. I add a note at the bottom of posts linking to the owner’s album.
    • PhotobucketGreat place to store images you want to appear on other blogs, like the grab my button. Avoids having them link to your site to display on their sidebars.
    • MS Image Composer – A staple in my image creation and manipulation. This free software lets you create image properly sized for the web. You can combine images, add text in various fonts and save as gif, jpg or png.
    • Resizr – Online software to resize images and save copy on your pc for use. You can also crop and rotate pictures.  Be sure to see this list of other online tools for image compression and optimization.
  2. Design Developer Tools(color, CSS, Html)
    • ColorZillaA must have color picker to get hex codes for any color on any web page. I wrote about it on Blogging with Success.
    • List of Online Color Tools – extensive list for developers and anyone who wants to match colors of find the right color code to customize a template design. I haven’t used most of these, but I did use Webmaster Orbit’s Color Picker. It also compares color combinations.
    • 35 Useful Firefox Plugins for Designers – includes many that I use frequently, like FireBug and WebDeveloper (see below).
    • Screenshots – use any one of these to capture a page or thumbnail of your blog:

      ViewLike.us – see how your site looks on different size monitors *** unfortunately this great tool expired. Try:
      FireShot – Firefox add on to capture screen image.
      Pixlr Grabber 
      – lots of features for full or partial screen shots, editing captured images. Take full page shot and save on their server. Good for before and after when re-designing a website.
    • WebDeveloper – lots of tools to analyze any web page. Marks-up the page to show Id and Class details, and lets you edit CSS or html to see the effect of any changes – Great for testing before you change your template.
      Firebug — similar to Web Developer, lets you debug css or html or javascript of any blog or web page. With both tools you can add and execute new code.
  3. Stats/SEO
    • Google Analytics -must have to analyzed traffic volume and source.
    • Statcounter – similar in visitor monitoring to Analytics but breaks down Search Engine keywords with more detail. More for current look, not trends. I use both.
    • MetaTag Analyzer – SEOCentro is a handy tool. Key in a specific post url and see keyword density, meta descriptions, etc.
    • Website Grader – good overview of your search engine optimization.
    • SeoSiteCheckupused alongside Website Grader, this give you more insight and recommendation for improving your blog. [thanks Sayz ]
    • SearchStatusputs icons on Firefox to easily display any page’s Google PageRank, Alexa rank, and more …
  4. Twitter
    • TwitterBar (Firefox addon) – lets you type a tweet in the address bar and click the TwitterBar icon to send it to Twitter. I tried this one but prefer Echofon.
    • Echofon for Twitter (formerly TwitterFox) (Firefox addon) – notifies you of your friends’ status on Twitter. Uses a popup icon in lower bar. Window has a small text input field to send a Tweet.
  5. Misc
    • Html Escape – for tutorials, converts the html to characters for display version.
    • Code Converter – does the html escape and vice-versa!
    • PollDaddy – nifty poll management; embed in post or put in sidebar.
    • IconJ– generate animated icons and host your own icons online.
    • Free Icons– Sure to find something you like. Organized by categories.
    • English Idioms– I confess to using idioms. This is a cute site to ‘translate.’
  6. Blogger Help – how to use BloggerThese are useful help pages (a rarity!)
    • DashboardHow can I use the Blogger Layouts features?
    • New Post Editor– very good overview of features and how to make this your default editor.
    • Make your blog load faster– Using slideshows and postioning third-party scripts.
    • (more to be added!)


Check back often for updates! Leave a question or comment if you use any of these tools.

If you like the posts here, get them for free in your RSS feed or by email delivery. Speaking of buttons, be sure to grab the one in the sidebar to tell your friends about BPWebNews, share the luv.

image by ladyada


  1. Hi! I've never used that software but I see you have it on your blog, so people should feel free to give it a try! I prefer a shout box note or use the form I built on my website. But I may reconsider and add a form on the menu. Thanks….

  2. You almost have the tools i used in my blog, thanks for bringing this up…

    @SBA: i used to have a shoutbox but lately its kinda bit annoying because people just say flood it with their links and spam. So i decided to remove it.

  3. I'd like to see your blog — leave the link. I totally understand about the online shoutboxes. That's why I never installed one. I prefer people to use my BC shoutbox or leave a comment — I get an email notice for those.

  4. seositecheckup.com is also recommended beside websitegrader , I use both of them. As for image, Photoshop solve everything… =)

  5. Tried it and I like it!Thanks. As for Photoshop it solves just about everything except the high price tag to buy it — average blogger doesn't want to make that investment (if they are not designers).

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