Someone Grabbed My Tips Button

As soon as I added a ‘grab button’ on the sidebar, Google alerted me that it was residing on Wirote’s Tips and Tricks blog! Now that’s fast. Many thanks for showing this type of support.

In case you want to create your own button, here’s how to add the scroll box (which is all the rage on certain blog niches like scrapbooking and growing on technical blogs).


  1. Created a 125 x 125 image using image creation software in my toolbox: MS Image Compose. Of course I used the color picker to match my blog design.

If you want something more basic try one of these sites to easily create a 125 x 125 image: or SplashUp is a site that lets you upload an image and then add your text online. Read more about other do-it-yourself resources.


  • Saved the image on PhotoBucket for anyone to access from their sidebar.
  • Used the BloggingWithSuccess Grab My Button, Promote My Blog tutorial to create the scroll box html code. Put the code in a gadget for the sidebar. Any one using the code will generate the 125 graphic with a clickable link back to my homepage.
  • Added the nifty orange/blue icon to automatically install the image on any blogspot blog. The steps are in the tutorial, Grab My Button Widget Tutorial: One Click Installation. 
  • Created this Google Alert so I can tell if anyone installs the button, using the unique value alt = “BPWebnews tips button” for the image. Read more about that type of tracking in a post I wrote, Use Google Search to Track Your Tutorial Usage.



Like my tips? Grab My Button!

P. S. I was trying to be brief and refer you to other posts, but let me clarify the tracking aspect mentioned in #5 (per Mukund’s request, but others may find it useful).

The Google Alert page has a form like the one on the left — this is where you put in the unique ‘alt=’ value from your scrollbox. Mine is ‘bpwebnews tips button’. Right click on the image and you’ll see the ‘alternate text.’

I told Google to send me an email once a week. The email shows the url of any blog that has my alt value. Google knows because it indexes the page! The quotes are required otherwise you get all urls that contain one or more of the 3 words. This is really just an automated search you could do yourself by keying the same words into a regular query. Both methods yield the same url list, e.g. here’s the one I received:

Google Web Alert for: “BPWebnews tips button”
Tips and trick by Wirote: Protect excel and word document with
Jun 4, 2009 · books,reading,reviews. Link me http://wirote2008.”

Google was indexing the page “Protect excel and word… ” when it found my alert keywords value. Just part of another day of robot-spider walking.

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  1. This post really tells me to create a widget like you have on your blog. Well!! Soon I will create one! I would like to know more about that tracking technique you mentioned in 5th point!! I need some better explanation reagarding that. I visited the other site and still pretty confusing. Help me out!!

    Everything About Blogging

  2. Yes! I got the point clear and I am currently designing a banner for my blog. I hope I get a "Grab my Button" designed well like yours! Thanks for your wonderful tip!!

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