Test Intense Debate Commenting

This is a test. I changed Blogger commenting settings to ‘new posts have no comments. — to see if Intense Debate will now generate a comment form. Prior new post has no comment form by Blogger or Intense Debate commenting system.!!!

Update: Well that did not help! This one has no form either… Bummer.

Update: Still no response, but I was able to get something working by adding ID comment widget in sidebar — don’t know why that worked.

Update 2/4/2010: Since ID can not import Blogger comments at this time, I’m left with two different systems:
Blogger’s form for older posts, prior to Jan 28 and ID for newer posts. Of course I could close out comments on older posts but why would I do that???

There is no consolidated ‘recent comments widget’ — I’d have to use two!  I don’t like ID’s widget for recent comments [can’t edit options; shows full long post titles and for some it shows raw url addresses; don’t like the ‘jump to button’ in terms of styling… ] I was hoping to get away from widget links like “comments by Intense Debate” in sidebar — there’s enough of that under each comment on the post…]

At this point I’m looking to uninstall and try something else before the split gets too deep [good thing no one is leaving comments lately — did I really say that? ]

Update 2/6/2010: Support contacted me and said I should remove the sidebar widget (they think it is causing the problem because it refers to my test blog, but adding the widget was how I got it to work on this blog). So, I removed it and now there are no comments on new posts — Back to square one. Hope they can figure it out. If not, will revert to Blogger comments.

Update 2/8/10:  Guess I’m impatient — no word yet. So I tried to uninstall the template code using the IntenseDebate site (upload template, then copy/paste their edited version). The edited one had an error in the preview — glad I did not save it! Now I’m really upset. Sounds like Blogger is a big problem for plugins built for WP and then converted (twisted?) for blogspot — reminds me of CommentLuv’s abandonment of Blogger. Lots of headaches on both sides… Just get me out of here!!! 

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