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This is a test post for the newly installed Disqus commenting system. I followed their manual html install, since the template is so heavily customized. Seemed to be okay but I don’t see the comment form on older posts. I had specified that older comments be imported and synced.

Update: 2/28/10

Later I had to unpublish the test post since the comment form disappeared — after several comments were made. Typical of how erratic things were last week. I was most concerned that there was no comment form for older articles. Often new readers used to leave questions that I try to answer as soon as possible. Then I lost the form for new posts! After going back and forth with support, I was told my only option was to change templates. As I told Cheryl, this was the last thing I wanted to hear!

I had depended on the third party systems to hold my hand through the various uninstalls — I sent Intense Debate the template to remove JS-Kit and add their code; sent that to Disqus to remove Intense Debate. However Disqus did not offer to manually update my template when their online install failed.

Their instructions for me to manually install eventually did not work — probably due to left over bits and pieces from other commenting systems.  Of course the template is complex with many hacks (subject of my tutorials) and I may have misunderstood the various Disqus optons about importing comments and whether new post should have comments!

You know the old saying “if you want it done right, do it yourself.”  Well, today I got the Disqus to work by:

  • installing the code on my test template which never had any third party commenting code and only a few of the tuturial hacks.
  • comparing the test disqus code sections with the incorrect installation and copying to the current template. 
  • deleting some extraneous and complex nested code statements
  • saying ‘Ureka!’ when it worked.

I can maybe now start to appreciate the nice features of Disqus. I can most certainly breathe a sigh of relief that older posts have comments. My only regret is that when JS-Kit was removed, all older posts lost nested comments and urls that used to point to commentators’ blogs.

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  1. I've been missing you and as I'm getting back into a rhythm a gain I came to visit. Wow! What a geeky nightmarish story you have had to tell. I don't view these things as challenges — can you tell?

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  3. Hi! Seems quite a few bloggers have been absent for various reasons! I keep up with your blog but have not been very social in terms of commenting [although I could swear I left a comment recently and maybe never pressed 'submit' — paranoia from the nightmare around commenting!! lol].

    The whole thing was very irritating and distracting. I do want to change templates and probably put my design website on WordPress, but on my terms, not those of Intense Debate or Disqus! Obviously I'm still in love with Blogger but definitely not their basic commenting system. I did feel a few times during unsuccessful import/exports that I was throwing out the baby with the bath water though…

    Glad you stopped by!

  4. The real benefit in using DISQUS is it gives your commenter a way to login to comment via multiple different services. For example,Twitter,Facebook etc…

  5. I agree people need options — so many networks to choose! Thanks for stopping by. I love your 'just cats' logo! Great photos. I owned a persian and later an ocecat, aptly named Flash. I had to create an air lock between to screen door and front door to leave for work, otherwise he'd speed by me!

  6. Disqus is powerful……great commenting tool….easy to use….constantly improving to cater to the needs of the community.

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