Second Test of Intense Debate

This is not really a test, but verification that I was able to remove Intense Debate code from the template on my own. I’m very disappointed by the lack of support especially since my commenting system was lost in Intense Debate.  Neither their system nor Blogger commenting was working for new posts.  Funny, the actual change to the template was very easy since IntenseDebate commented around the code they had added. One wonders why someone in support could have told me that.

Anyway, back to blogging….

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  1. @Jc
    I guess you're trying to help me test this? here's the google translation:
    "Tell yourself first, what kind of person wants to be, and then step by step the necessary steps."

    Is that close enough???

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  3. hello there 🙂

    can i know how exactly did you remove intensedebate?
    because i have spent hours and hours, even a sleepless night to figure this out.
    i used the modified code they gave to uninstall, but after i clicked the save button there were error messages saying the code is not well formed, somthing like that.

    well if it is its not my fault right? they gave me the code.

    please help me, how did you unistall it? was there some kind of side effect to the blog?

    thanks in advance 🙂

  4. I was able to see their comments in the source indicating start and end of their code blocks. Also I think there was a sidebar widget. But if you don't have that I'd say just try installing Disqus and they will attempt to do it online — see my post on what I did to install Disqus code — used a test blog.
    Search for Commenting System: Disqus-
    If not you may need to give your template or access to a freelancer to change for you…

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