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FriendOrFollow is a handy tool to analyze your Twitter base and find out:

Who are you following that’s not following you back? Who’s following you that you’re not following back? Find out! – FriendOrFollow

I like an almost one to one ratio of people I follow on Twitter and those who follow me. I currently have 60 followers. I was curious about which ones have not followed me and if I had missed out on following someone back. So I used the Friend or Follow resource. Here are the results.

Breaking it down
Who am I following?
These are the 53 people to whom I can send direct messages; my retweets are seen on their timelines.

Who is not following me?
These are the 10 people who don’t consider me a friend, i.e. they don’t see my tweets; I can’t send them a message; if I reply to one of their tweets they may never see it, unless they search on their own names. In effect I’m stalking them.

I decided to unfollow a few of them, keeping those with exceptional tweets that I can at least retweet to my followers.If I haven’t retweeted them lately, then why bother following?

Who are my fans (stalking) me?
These 8 people follow me but I don’t follow their tweets. I don’t even see them unless I look at the Fans tab on FriendOrFollow!

When you list your fans, you can hover the mouse over the avatar and get a quick summary like this:

You can see he has 2526 followers and he follows 2276! I guess I didn’t want to fade into the crowd…


Try the FriendOrFollow software. You may discover ways to more effectively use your Twitter time. I found that those with thousands of followers that they also follow are mostly in it for the marketing. Many send tweets by the hundreds. Those that have hundreds, but only follow a few are more credible to me. Unfortunately if I’m not one of their friends, then it defeats the networking angle. I continue following them if they have valuable tweets and reasonable activity.

As for fans who are not on my friends list, review their tweets and you may pick up a few good friends. I suppose I initially did not return some of their follows based on low tweet volume. I don’t follow anyone if I see a very high follow to followed ratio — like following 654 but only 2 followers and 1 tweet! This was not the case for one of my fans who has a one-to-one ratio of about 75 people, so maybe I missed the friend email. I’ll add him to my follows.

Leave a comment about your philosophy for returning Twitter follow requests. Did you find any worthy fans you had overlooked?

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