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Looking Back: This post is outdated – Apture was acquired by Google in 2011

Just added a toolbar by Apture to allow readers to more easily explore this blog — see prior post about lowering bounce rate.

Using the toolbar, you can search for keywords. Other handy buttons on the toolbar let you bookmark the site or individual posts in FaceBook, Twitter or send via e-Mail — does anyone email referrals any more?

Search results appear in a popup window. Your blog’s posts are listed before any Google results. There’s also a Wikipedia definition of your search word(s) at the top of the pop-up.

Click on a definition and you get a second pop-up. Other links open in a new tab. I don’t like that the owner’s blog results open in a new tab — but we’ll see how it works.

Here’s what a search for ‘table of contents’ returned:

The Apture bar appears only after visitors page down past the top-fold. Learn more about handling your blog’s top-fold in the post I wrote  called 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog Design.

The search bar also pops up when a reader highlights words within the blog page and clicks on the search bubble:

[image by Apture]

I saw the toolbar install instructions on my friend Varun’s BeepTheGeek blog. He is also on Blogger and put the code in the template html. But I decided to steer away from even more template code, so I tried the sidebar gadget path. Seems to work.
Why not give it a test drive and leave a comment about what you discovered? Hint: you can view videos in the search box.

I’ll be following the effect the toolbar has on bounce rate (and time on site).


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  1. Hey Shirley,

    Thanks for the review. I snuck your logo into your bar…hope you dont mind. You installed it perfectly for Blogger, sidebar gadget is the way to go.

    Let me know if I can provide you with any help. drew @ apture dot com


  2. I might try Apture one of these days. There are quite a few people in a blogging group I belong to who are using it, and they are saying good things about it.

  3. You should try it. Andrew of Apture, was very helpful to me. or maybe embarasses that I had a text logo in the toolbar! He add a snippet of my header logo to make it look better. I think he changed the background also — it blends in quite well. I did a post on BloggingwithSuccess about the great ways you can find images using the search feature while editing posts! You get results from multiple sources. The post is here: http://bloggingwithsuccess.net/media-roundup-finding-the-best-image-for-your-post

    Thanks for visiting!

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