Moving to WordPress? A loaded question.

You might wonder why I posed that as a question. What I really meant to say is

I’m going to move BP Web News and Tips to self-hosted WordPress — there, I’ve said it!

But I’d like to hear what you have to say.

The question of moving to wordpress has been on my mind for weeks now. It’s one of the reasons I have not posted lately [in weeks (shh..!)]. I’ve been building up WP setup and migration services with Ishan, co-founder of our WP blog. At the same time, I’m transferring my traditional website clients to WordPress/blog environment.

As you can imagine, such freelancing work can be all consuming but we’ve finally hitting our stride in terms of scheduling and prioritizing. Unfortunately this blog has suffered.

Why Move to WordPress?

  1. Keeping up with Blogger news and posting for readers
    I’ve know WP environment first hand for two years, but still clung to my first blog here on blogspot. I felt that was the only way to present Blogger template hacks and keep up-to-date. Well, that has not been happening as my WP world expands.

    At the same time Blogger is making great strides in upgrading its features — sort of becoming a “mini-me” of WordPress.. lol

    So I’ll ask readers to sign up for my blog where I’ve already started to write more about Blogspot.
    Subscribe to BWS tips and be active in commenting to keep me on track!

  2. Refocus the original reason for this blog
    If you look at earlier post I state my aim is to provide web design tips while presenting some of the sites I develop. But I loved the Blogger template/css/html and gadgets so much, I was quickly diverted!

    I’m moving my traditional blog to WP and the blogging portion will have web design tips and spotlight site elements on Blogger and WP. I’ll let you know when that work is done.

  3. Maintain my sanity
    I feel guilty not publishing and not keeping up-to-date. Posting in Blogger means a different mindset than WP, so one less shift to worry about!

    I seriously dislike the Blogger third party commenting and you know the very very bad experiences I had. The bad taste lingers and I’m afraid to revive the blog, get comments, only to lose them when I do convert to WP!

  4. Lead the way for others
    Many of you are considering the move, if only fleetingly in your subconscious. I’ve started a series on Preparing to migrate to WordPress, so take a peek — no commitments!

    Recently I learned to create videos so look for visual how to’s like How to Link Your Custom Domain to Blogger – useful if you move or not!

  5. Provide more DIY tips
    On WP and with videos, I can more easily create the more technical tutorials for theme changes and things that teach or help the ‘do-it-yourselfers’ (DIY).  Check out Foolproof Way To Create Sidebar Widgets With Clickable Images. There’s so much I’ve learned and want to share about WP. But I’ll always think of the Blogspot and free hosted WP readers. Don’t let me forget!

Want to Experience WP?

Well, I just wrote a post about ‘winning’ a test-drive of self-hosted WP. You don’t need a domain name to experience the dashboard, adding plugins and creating posts. It’s free for 3 weeks using a sub-domain of my hosting. Only two pioneers at a time, so get on board asap. 

Want help Moving to WP?

Our site is offering to setup WP for as low as zero dollars to $19.95! For the zero price, you’ll need to purchase hosting via our affiliate link or if you’re getting Thesis use our link. We install a good set of plugins and even customize free themes. Take a look at our services and visit the testimonials page! You may recognize some of the sites we migrated.

Let me know what you have to say about all of this.

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  1. I live in a very touristy place and have frinds and family visiting me all summer long. Now that fall is just around the corner I'm catching up on my reading and commenting.

    I don't feel too bad about not weighing in on this because I'm aware you already know that my Blogger blogs have been inactive for years now since I made the switch to wordpress. Without doubt I find wordpress software to be more flexible and more amenable to customizing to meet my blogging needs. Best wishes re: the move.

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