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So I feel better opening the doors at my new self-hosted WordPress location. The default ‘Hello World” theme is good, but I could not wait to get rid of it!  I found this extremely functional free theme Atahualpa and went to work customizing it.  If you were a regular at BPWebNews on blogspot you’ll see the difference in the header and sidebars. I’m no longer using the spider image/logo since most of my social networking has been with my photo.

The home page is now made of automatic and cleaner looking excerpts, magazine style. The double menu (top pages, bottom categories) should make the navigation seamless.  I used Widget Logic plugin to create smart widgets, showing most of them on the single posts only. Also omitted a few widgets — waiting to customized the theme for a 3 section footer!

Remember one of the main reasons for moving from Blogger was the horrible interface with third-party commenting systems like Intense Debate and Disqus? Well I installed WP version of Disqus, and I don’t ‘hate it’! Time will tell as readers report any problems.

I logged the entire migration and created screencasts which will publish this week.  But here are a few tips for those who moved recently to WP:

  1. In Blogger most of us go wild with widgets – tame them with Widget Logic plugin for WP –
    Read this how to post  How to Create Smart Dynamic Sidebars

  2. When you move to WP after not using a custom domain name on Blogger you get links with the wrong url name – first of all don’t do it! It’s never too late to have Blogger forward your posts under a custom name, see this video: Video: How to Link Your Custom Domain to Blogger

    But if you were like me and did not take my advice, you can change all of your internal links to the proper domain name.  Just use the Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin for WP.  Without the plugin, the link still shows the old domain url (… .html) and should show…. etc).

So, I have to get back into the posting mode. Because I used this blog to ‘film’ the migration process, posts were even fewer and farther between than usual!  I have a lot of cleaning up of old posts which refer to this as a blogspot blog but I intend to have categories for blogspot only and use a demo site for illustration. Also plan to install LinkWithin for related posts and use thumbnails on the home page…

You can help me by commenting on what you’d like to see posted, suggestions for the design, etc.  Ask any questions and I’ll answer right away.

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  1. Even I hate the commenting system on blogger. I hope I shift to WP as soon as possible. Any way, the current theme looks pretty neat. But why not try the thesis theme?

    • Hi Mukund!
      You’ll be happy to know I completed the Blogger to WP migration series on BloggingWithSuccess! As for Thesis, I did try it and like Thesis but this theme is so much easier to customize — and I didn’t intend to do too much right now.

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