Create Social Connections with Your YouTube Channel

I recently read a great article about increasing your blog traffic from YouTube subscribers: Use YouTube to Build Your Blog’s Audience – ProBlogger.

While looking at other blogs I noticed quite a few advertising their YouTube channels. I have a few public screen cast tutorials that that I refer to in my articles.  So I decided to become more social on YouTube by subscribing to a few other channels.  You may want to do the same, so here are two options:

Add a YouTube Subscribe Box Widget

My first attempt at a box did not fit into my theme’s sidebar. I had to adjustments the width. Instead of 300  I used 270px.  Here’s the final widget code.  Just copy and paste into a new Html widget on your sidebar. Then  substitute your YouTube name instead of  BWSVideoSBA and Save.

<iframe id=”fr” src=”” style=”overflow: hidden; height: 105px; width: 270px; border: 0;” scrolling=”no” frameBorder=”0″></iframe>

Add a YouTube  Subscribe Icon

I opted for the second method, using a clickable icon instead of the box. It takes up less space and fits in nicely with my Twitter and RSS icons at the top of the sidebar. Just do a Google or Bing search for ‘youtube icon images’ , download a free one and add to your media library. Also try Getty Icons.

Here’s the one I downloaded:


Next steps :

  1. Uploaded it media file and copied the url,
  2. Composed html to make the link click to my video channel at

Here’s the resulting html which you can copy and paste into an existing widget or combine with other social icons in your sidebar. Again substitute your channel address and YOUR media file location:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”> <img src=”” title=”Subscribe to my YouTube Channel”> </a>

Your Move

Try this new method of social networking and keep track of new visitors from your YouTube Channel! Don’t forget to leave a comment, sharing your experience with this approach for building traffic and gaining readers.

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    • Welcome Joydeep!
      You’re absolutely right — now if only I made more videos and got more people to subscribe. LOL.
      I notice you don’t have a channel?
      Also your latest post did not appear below your comment. I’m curious, did CommentLuv not work?

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