How to Update a Grab Button When Moving to WordPress

Part of my housekeeping after moving to WordPress involved re-publishing my Tips Button in the sidebar. Some of the things that I had to change:

  • Revise html in scroll box to point to new domain name
  • Change the image to remove “”

Here’s the old “Grab my Button”:

Originally I created the button on my pc and uploaded to PhotoBucket for unrestricted access. That was fortunate since I can now revise the image and it will be picked up in existing sidebars — the image url will be the same.

Modifying my blog’s old ‘’ to “.com”  is simple in the restored widget but anyone who has the button now will continue to link to blogspot. Fortunately I set Blogger to redirect to my new domain name!

Restoring the Grab Button

I had saved all of my sidebar html for just this purpose. Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find the html for the grab button widget ?  Of course I could go to my original post to re-create the scrollbox — Grab My Button, Promote My Blog. Similary to recreate the ‘add to Blogger’ click button I just had to follow the tutorial for widget  one click installation.

However, I was lazy and decided to the find the lost widget in Google and copy the source code. This comes in very handy if you lose widget code since Google keeps cached versions of pages from a previous indexing spree!  In my case I had to search for very old posts. See this post for how to recover lost widgets.

Once I had the code, I just made the domain name adjustments and published. As always I tested the scroll code and one click install on my test blog.

Revising the Button Image

Another of my tutorials helped remind me how to edit an image on PhotoBucket.

  1. Create the new button with your image software and save it on your PC under the same name as the original, e.g.  bpwebnewstips.png
  2. Upload into a different photobucket album than the original, e.g.
  3. Go to the album with the original image and delete the image — yes I said delete it!
  4. Go to the new image and select ‘move’ instead of edit. You move it to the original album, e.g.  and your readers are none the wiser.

Done! Remember it’s never to late to add a button or update the one you have. And do change the domain name from if you recently moved to WP.

I hope you find this tip useful. If so you know the drill — leave a comment!  Also it’s a great time to grab the  new BPWebnews tips button and share the luv with others. Get future posts in your RSS feed or by email.

If you found this post useful, leave a comment and share your thoughts with others.
Get future posts in your RSS feed or by email.