Gadgets for Creating Blogger Table of Contents

A blog table of contents (TOC) is a page, post or widget that lists every article you’ve published. Some call it a sitemap or archive. Why do you need a TOC on Blogger? I’ve found the list of post titles is an easy way to browse a new site or search one that’s chock-full of good content. When you list every title (or most of them) the search engines can more easily crawl the site. You also get more internal links within your site.

Some sites that use the default Blogger templates don’t have a category (label) menu or even a sidebar list of important labels. I prefer the single page list of all titles. The archived list (organized by label) can list the same post under a couple of labels. But it’s often better than no clue on your menu or sidebar.

One of this blog’s most popular tutorial is for creating A Beautiful Blogger Table of Contents. That post was published in  2008. (click images to enlarge)

My tutorial shows you how to change your blogspot template code to list all of your posts in alphabetical or date order.

Also in 2008, the The Blog Doctor published his Make All Posts Installer Gadget which creates a sidebar list of all posts, in most recent order.

His method involves having an external site convert your site feed to javascript code and list the most recent 1000 posts. He goes on to put the html code in an installer so you can add it in your sidebar.  I suspect 1000 may be too many for most of us. But you can adjust the number! No changes are made to the template.

Let’s look at what other Table of Contents (TOC) or Archive pages are available now for Blogger sites.

TOC – Requires Template Change

The tutorial published in Aug 2009 by WhatMakesBlog is similar to mine, but lists only the titles of  most recent x posts.  After the template change, you create a menu or other link button that produces the search results in the content column.

Category Archive -No Template Change – has an archive list by blogger label ( similar to a category list in WP). The method, published in April 2010,  involves putting javascript in the html view of a new post which you can call from a menu button or link in the sidebar.  The java code generates the list of post under the appropriate label.

Month Archive -No Template Change

JacqsBloggerTips uses the html view of a page to add javascript. In this case the list is sorted by Month with the day next to the post title. The tutorial was published in May 2010.

Your Choice?

I’d like to know about other methods for a great post list! Which gadget do you use on your Blogger blog? If you don’t have a TOC or Archive list, why not? Be sure to leave a comment or question.

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