Disqus Removed, Back to WP Default Commenting System

About two years ago, Disqus was my answer to the horrors of a few third party commenting systems I tried on Blogspot and WordPress (JS-Kit, Blogger Disqus and Intense Debate).  I had high hopes that WP Disqus would be the last. But I finally threw in the towel and removed Disqus in favor of the default WordPress Comments.

Removing Disqus was surprisingly painless! I lost not one comment. Just pressed ‘uninstall’ on plugin settings and later deactivated the plugin.

My main problem with Disqus was also something most commentators disliked : having to login in to leave a comment with your name. Heck, even I dreaded replying to a comment if I had to log into Disqus.  Sort of takes the fun out of it…  Also anyone not logging in as a Disqus member, had the same faceless default and ghostly avatar!

Still there are many bloggers who love Disqus. Although I found it easy to install (and remove) in the end Disqus  had a negative impact on building a more active community for this blog.

When it comes to publishing and promoting articles, removing Disqus has given me a breath of fresh air ! So keep those comments coming!



    • Lisa,
      Just pressed ‘uninstall’ on Disqus plugin settings and later deactivated the plugin. Apparently the uninstall fixes things up with WP comments…
      Did not lose comments… not that I had too many.. lol

  1. Do I have to reinstall wordpress comments or will that just reinstall on its own? Also, I did deactivate on the plugin page to get ride of Disqus. Is that the only thing I have to do. I didn’t see an uninstall button?

    • well, when did you deactive plugin? Are your WP comments there now???
      I believe I did not deactivate but while still active followed these instructions: “Under Advanced Options in the Disqus plugin, click Uninstall to reset Disqus’ settings — your comments won’t be affected or removed.”. Then deactivate/delete plugin when you see the WP comments.

  2. This is what I have been looking for all day. People who dislike Disqus. I installed it two weeks ago, and my comments decreased almost immediately. The Disqus commenting platform is boring. I am also uninstalling. Thank you for writing this post SBA

  3. hello, i hv one problem while removing disquss comment system..Some comment put their email in comment. So it is showing as a link which results 404 error.

    Can i disable all email links and website links in comment system if i removed disquss???


    • Hi Rajvir,
      Not sure I understand. Have you removed Disqus and reverted the default WP comments? Emails in comments should not be visible to anyone but you and would get a 404 only if you tried to send email?
      email is required for most commenting systems (so person gets your reply or can subscribe to comment threads). So why would you disable, just to not have ‘404’s?

  4. I’m helping a friend with his WP site and he has Disqus installed. Not sure why he ever went with it over the WP comment function. I think it’s the worst piece of junk ever invented and it increases page load time considerably. It’s also a pain in the butt for people to use for a mere comment! There has to be a better way and I hope the WP comment function works better. Regardless, Disqus is getting dumped.

    I guess my comment is partly to test if your comment section works somewhat painlessly, lol!

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