1. Password security should not be taken lightly. If you have been using insecure passwords because you didn’t realize there was such a thing as password crackers, it’s time to correct that vulnerability. A password must never be stored anywhere. Most of us tend to write a password somewhere, some time on a paper and paste on our computer, which is really a bad thing to do.


  2. Hi Kaci,
    Your comment went to spam — I hate to lose real commentators! I suspect it’s because you used keywords without a real name. However, the thoughts in your comment align with the post and emphasize ‘correcting’.

    Anyone else have ideas why this went to spam? (this may be a test.. )

  3. Thanks to share the name of ‘Limit Login Attempts’ plugin for wordpress. I’ll try it.
    I use Last Pass to generate and to manage my passwords, and it gives me safe and secure passwords.

    Useful article!

    • Last Pass looks like it would do the job quite nicely. I’d be a bit uneasy about keeping backups on their site, but that’s part of the convenience and they do use encryption. Appreciate your feedback.

  4. I am using a more secure password that I am sure only me can memorize it.. Sometimes combination can be a great idea..

    • True, combinations of words that mean something to you make secure passwords you don’t have to write down. Thanks for dropping by. What is your blog url?

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