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A Blogger’s Worst Nightmare – Your site has been hacked by malware!

March 4, 2012 // 15 Comments

Utter panic overtakes the average blogger when he hears from a reader that his site looks suspicious and browsers are showing the dreaded ‘get me out of here‘ warning! Recently that happened to one of our clients at WPBlogExperts. We’re WordPress setup, theme customization and dashboard experts, so fixing actual malware infections was not highlighted on our services list. When the client asked us to help we took cleanup actions only to see the ‘virus’ popup somewhere else. My WPBlogExperts co-founder, Ishan had some experience with fixing his personal site and also another client’s site. He started by deleting some bad files and changing web host passwords. Everything seemed fine until more readers reported the site was redirecting to an unreliable url with a .ru domain name. We tried a different online scanner to detect other bad files.This time it pointed to the Timthumb file being out of date and vulnerable.  Several themes like Atahualpa and  some plugins use Timthumb software for image cropping, zooming and resizing. About a year ago that software was a throughway […]

How to Remove Unwanted Text in Migrated Posts

April 10, 2011 // 7 Comments

Ever feel like you want to use white-out on your blog for content you need to remove or replace? If you move from Blogger to WordPress, your posts are sure to contain text that you no longer want. For example I had a post template that added this to the end of  new posts: Notice the spider logo has a bad image address (it’s no longer hosted where I had my html website ). I wanted to stop using the spider anyway. Also the signature logo has the wrong background color for this template and I no longer use it on recent posts. My current post ‘footer’ is a simple call to sign-up by email.  So I scratched my head until a resourceful teammate found this plugin for one of our clients. The client’s blog had a funny rss-atom link that was used in the Blogger feed but appeared at the bottom of every imported post. Apparently Blogger screens out the line when displaying the posts. To the rescue: The Search and Replace Plugin WordPress.org […]

Social Bookmarks with Counters and Print Friendly

March 21, 2011 // 5 Comments

This article talks shows how you can have attractive social icons with counters and a Print Friendly feature. It’s smart to have these icons on your post to encourage people to refer your blog on their social networks. As word spreads, you gain visitors and hopefully readers. Edgy Bookmarks The most recent release of  SexyBookmarks from Shareaholic has a beta feature so that you see counters for Twitter, FaceBook, and other social networks.  The counts are very (maybe too) discreet since the digits are partially obscured. There are various headings(in red) to select and many social site icons. You can also omit the heading for an even cleaner look. Print Friendly Having a way to print long tutorials can be very useful. Many visitors may want to print your recipes without the images, etc. While attractive the printer friendly icon takes up quite a bit of space: Use Bookmarks to Replace Print Friendly Symbol Select the Print Friendly bookmark icon and you can remove the WP Print Friendly plugin freeing up space below your posts.  […]